From Karen A Collins, Small Business Advisor, Dallas, TX:

I have a client who just landed a Florida contract to remove rubbish using grappler and belly dump trucks.
She is seeking additional subs to augment her work in Florida, as she is located in Texas.  She will send her fleet, but in need of a dozen or so more.

Here are the terms and contact information:

  • Minimum 12 week vegetative and construction debris/removal contract under FEMA.
  • Pay is $7.50 per cubic yard must have 30-35 cu yard capacity dump or grapple truck.
  • Truck must be street grade with rubber tires, no metal to prevent further damage to streets.
  • Work expected 7 days per week from dust to dawn.
  • Prime will maintain performance bond to protect payment.
  • Block of rooms secured in Miami at a double occupancy rate if needed.

Further details contact Kelley Eubanks